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Welcome to the Office of Experiential & Engaged Learning (E2L)

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The Office of Experiential and Engaged Learning (E2L) is the consolidation of Georgia Tech’s signature experiential, or “learning by doing”, programming. E2L leads the way in designing and delivering high-impact experiential learning that transforms the lives of our students. E2L also supports campus-wide first-year and transfer-student seminars designed around the distinctive Georgia Tech educational experience and serves as a central hub supporting learning communities that have grown up over the past two decades at Georgia Tech.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research (TwitterInstagram) sparks critical thinking and creativity. It hones the ability to pose the right question, solve for the right answer, and distill the messy, complex, and abstract thoughts of a lab notebook into an elegant argument.

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Student Innovation

Student Innovation (Instagram) plans, manages and coordinates student innovation programs and competitions. Their focus is on growing the innovation ecosystem at Georgia Tech and connecting it to the wider startup community.

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Transition Seminars

GT 1000 & GT 2000 are one credit hour, letter graded seminar courses offered in fall, spring, and summer semesters. GT 1000 is for incoming first-year students, and GT 2000 is for incoming transfer students. These courses are committed to supporting the successful transition and experience of new Georgia Tech students.

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Co-ops & Internships

Co-ops are the link between the classroom and the workplace. The Co-op program is an accredited academic program in which students gain valuable work experience in their major by alternating between full-time study and at least three semesters of full-time paid work with the same employer.

Internships are designed to complement a student’s formal education with practical experience. They are single-semester, major-related work experiences.

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iGniTe Summer Launch Program

iGniTe your Georgia Tech experience by applying to one of our First Year Summer Launch Programs! First year students admitted for summer enter Georgia Tech for the late short summer term and will participate in iGniTe. First year students admitted for Fall term may also apply to change their admit term to summer to be a part of iGniTe! This is a great opportunity to get a head start on classes, learn the campus, and make friends!

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Community-Based Learning

Community-Based Learning is an educational approach that integrates classroom instruction with real-world experiences within the local community. It promotes active engagement, collaboration, and practical application of knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of academic concepts and cultivating civic responsibility among learners.